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  • What is Leadriver?
    We are a LinkedIn lead generation service designed to help companies build new business relationships that turn into top level revenue. We handle the LinkedIn outreach, you build relationships and close more deals. We identify your ideal prospects, write finely tuned sales messages that are designed to get positive responses, systematically reach out to thousands of these targeted prospects each month with approved outreach and follow-up messages and start positive conversations with your ideal prospect.
  • What kind of results can I expect?
    You can expect amazing results in the B2B segment. Every niche is different, but it's not uncommon to generate upwards of 200-300 new connection leads, and 10-15 qualified sales conversations on our PRO plan. Our proven process, mastery of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and expert copywriting helps you cut through the noise and remove the time consuming process of cold outreach.
  • Will Leadriver send spam messages?
    No. ‍ Leadriver is powered by a team of seasoned marketing and sales professionals and does not create spammy messages. ‍ Our team of expert copywriters will create sales messages that you are comfortable with, and that have maximum conversion probability. ‍ In addition, our messages are reviewed and approved by our clients before we send a single one -- ensuring alignment with your goals and sales voice.
  • Do I need to subscribe to LinkedIn Sales Navagator separately?
    In our BASE option, this is not necessary but for PRO and PRO PLUS, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a requirement to work with us. You can upgrade your account here and start with their free trial:
  • Can Leadriver optimize my LinkedIn profile for top performance?
    Yes, we do this for you in the PRO PLUS package.
  • What is the onboarding process like?
    Once you choose a package, we send you a form to fill in which gives us all the details of your business, target and overall objective. We then setup your account, start working on your messaging and sending it over to you for approval.
  • Is there a cost for onboarding?
    No, there is no cost for onboarding. Many of our competitors charge you hundreds of dollars for this but we do it for free.
  • Does Leadriver need access to my LinkedIn profile?
    Yes. Leadriver operates directly inside your LinkedIn profile kind of like a full-time lead generation expert working in your LinkedIn every single day but at a fraction of the cost. We do the pre-sales grind, reach out and once replies come in, you close the deal!
  • Is there a risk of my profile being suspended if I use Leadriver?
    No. We always stay well below the daily limits set by LinkedIn, and operate exactly as you would if you were reaching out yourself. ‍
  • Does Leadriver respond to leads for me?
    Once a prospect responds to the messages we deliver, we stop and it is up to you to pick up the conversation from there. We've found that best campaign performance happens when we start the conversation, and you close the deal (or get your prospect on the phone to take the conversation out of LinkedIn).
  • What kind of reporting is available to me?
    The BASE package has basic reporting which includes tracking daily connection activity, connection acceptance activity, reply count and positive responses tracking. Both the PRO and PRO PLUS plans come with an advanced dashboard which include reply tracking, classification, prospect LinkedIn url and inbox message url.
  • Can I run multiple LinkedIn accounts with Leadriver?
    Yes! Leadriver can operate in as many LinkedIn accounts as needed, and each account is billed separately.
  • Can I log in to my LinkedIn account while using Leadriver?
    Yes, and it's encouraged! For your own account safety however, we suggest limiting outbound connection requests and outreach messages while Leadriver is running. ‍ We want you to be active and engaged on LinkedIn so that you can build your influence and respond to the inbound leads we generate for you.
  • Can I schedule regular calls with Leadriver to keep updated on my campaign progress?
    No. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calls are not included in our packages. We will however update your lead tracker sheet daily and you can contact your account manager any time via email.
  • Does Leadriver provide any refunds?
    No. Leadriver does extremely valuable work before your campaign is even live, including expert sales message crafting, creation of your lead list and the labor of prospecting. For these reasons Leadriver does not provide refunds.
  • If I connect with someone on my own, will Leadriver message them?"
    No. We will only message prospects that we reached out to initially. No inbound connections will be messaged.
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